Sark Accuses Stanford of Faking Injuries

Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian is just the latest coach to accuse an opposing defense of faking injuries in an effort to slow down an up-tempo offense. The guilty party in his eyes? Stanford.

“Their defensive-line coach (ex-UW assistant Randy Hart) was telling them to sit down,” Sarkisian told KJR following his team’s 31-28 loss to the Cardinal on Saturday. “I guess that’s how we play here at Stanford, so we’ll have to prepare for that next time. At some point, we’ll get repaid for it. That never serves a purpose for us, and we’ll never do that.”

Having prided itself on being the Pac-12’s toughest team over the past few seasons, Stanford did not sit idly by in response to this accusation.

Below is a photo of the replay Skov was referring to.

Teammate Ben Gardner was similarly nonplussed by the fake injuries accusation.

If Sarkisian winds up taking the USC job after this season, he’ll ably fill the whining shoes of the departed Lane Kiffin.


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