Saint Joe’s F Flips Villanova Crowd Off

If Saint Joseph’s forward Halil Kanacevic didn’t believe in basketball karma before Tuesday night’s loss to Villanova, surely that’s changed.

With 9:56 to play, Kanacevic hit a three-pointer to put the Hawks up 50–47. He celebrated by giving the Wildcats crowd at The Pavilion the double bird, much to their disdain.

Kanacevic wasn’t whistled for a technical foul on the play. In retrospect, he probably wishes he had if it meant he didn’t have to endure the ignominious end of the game that he did.

With Saint Joseph’s leading, 61–56, and two minutes left to play, Kanacevic committed a silly foul on Villanova’s James Bell, who hit two free throws to cut the deficit to three. The Hawks’ next three possessions subsequently ended with a Kanacevic turnover, two Kanecivic missed free throws and another Kanacevic turnover.

‘Nova, meanwhile, would score seven points on its final three possessions to close out the win, 65-61. The Wildcats also sealed Kanacevic’s fate as the game’s unquestioned goat.

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