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Safety Cusses at Nebraska’s Bo Pelini


Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini is notorious for chewing out his players and normally those conversations are very one-sided.

But on Saturday, safety Daimion Stafford made the ill-advised decision to lash back at the Huskers head man.

During a first half in which Nebraska fell behind Penn State 20-6 at the break while giving up 255 total yards, Pelini and Stafford got into a heated exchange on the sideline in which the defensive back appears to have dropped at least two f-bombs on his head coach.

It wasn’t quite as heated as Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville slapping a graduate assistant on the sideline earlier in the day, but cussing out Bo Pelini is about the worst idea we can think of.

If we were Stafford, we would sleep with one eye open tonight.

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