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Daughter Reprimands Saban for Swearing


We finally found someone who might be able to change the demeanor of the sour Nick Saban - his daughter.

According to Alabama.com on Monday, Saban said that his daughter ripped him for yelling at Crimson Tide quarterback A.J. McCarron, who was a little too boisterous after a one-yard touchdown run that gave ‘Bama a 24-10 lead over the Gators in the first half of Saturday’s win.

It appeared that Saban told McCarron to “settle the f**k down!” after a bit of showboating. But even Saban, who is perpetually a curmudgeon, said that he might have gone too far.

“I was trying to get him to settle down, and after about the fourth or fifth time of saying, ‘Will you settle down?’ - ‘Settle down! Settle down! Settle down!’ - then I probably said something I wish I wouldn’t have said,” Saban told Alabama.com.

“Because when your daughter tells you, it really makes you feel bad.”

Time to turn over a new leaf, Nick!



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