Saban Not a Fan of No-Huddle Offenses


Nick Saban has a curmudgeonly streak that belies his coif and perma tan. He dislikes the media for praising his team. He can’t stand terms like “running back by committee.” And gosh darnit, he thinks football is getting too fast.

In Tuesday’s SEC coaches’ teleconference, Saban was asked about the no-huddle offense trend going across college football right now.

“I think at some point in time we should look at how fast we allow the game to go, in terms of player safety,” Saban replied.

The Crimson Tide head man then added: “I think there’s got to be some sense of fairness in asking, is this what we want football to be?”

Fans took to Twitter to mock Saban for ridiculously implying that the no-huddle offense is unfair and Missouri WR T.J. Moe even chimed in:

Alabama, of course, doesn’t run a no-huddle attack. And considering the fact that Saban’s exotic blitz packages often result in big hits on opposing offensive players, his “player safety” rationale for slowing the game down is also laughable.


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