Saban Makes Team Watch Tebow Speech


As part of Alabama’s preparations for Ole Miss this week, coach Nick Saban is borrowing from the book of Tebow - in that he’s making his team watch the QB’s “Promise” speech from when he was at Florida.

Yesterday marked four years since Tebow delivered his speech following the Gators’ 31–30 loss to the Rebels. Like Florida, which was ranked No. 1 at the time of its loss, Alabama has looked close to unbeatable this season.

“We’re trying to not let it be us that same way that happened to them,” CB Dee Milliner told AL.com. “We’re not trying to make it have a loss and then we have to give a big speech after it because we lost the game.”

Not that it’ll happen, but giving a big speech is the last thing the Tide should worry about if they somehow lose to a subpar Ole Miss team on Saturday.

[Saturday Down South]

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