Saban Hates RB by Committee Phrase


Note to any future interviewers of Nick Saban: Never use the phrase “running back by committee.”

When Saban left the field at halftime of Alabama’s “Cowboys Classic” matchup with Michigan, ESPN’s Heather Cox asked the Tide head coach about his team’s rushing performance with the aforementioned phrase.

A peeved Saban’s response was terse, to say the least: “I don’t think its running back by committee. I think it’s a lot of good players getting an opportunity to play. So, you know, I don’t know what’s wrong with that.”

Keep in mind that Cox was complimenting Alabama’s backs, which had rushed for 126 yards and a TD in the first half. Or that the Tide was winning, 31–7, en route to a 41–14 romp.

It looks like Saban’s surliness is already in midseason form.

[Ride the Pine]

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