Rutgers Wearing USA Helmets vs. Army


When Rutgers hosts Army on Saturday, the Scarlet Knights will try to run their record to 8–1. Simultaneously, they’ll be paying tribute to their opponent and other branches of the military with new, patriotic helmets.

Rutgers’ senior associate AD of communications Jason Baum says that the helmets “show our support for the men and women who protect our country.” Those same men and women would be happy to see how awesome these helmets are.

The Scarlet Knights have taken the same redesigned helmets that first earned our praise in May and filled in the “R” on either side and the two stripes running down the middle with the stars and stripes. Set against the shimmery armor gray background, they look beautiful.

Even if Rutgers doesn’t end up clinching the Big East’s BCS bowl bid, they’ll end the season having blown us away when it comes to uniform designs. Grade: A


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