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Rutgers Joins Recruiting Letter Absurdity


We don’t care whether or not the rash of unconventional college football recruiting letters that have been recently sent around are actually effective. We just hope that coaches from around the country keep finding ridiculous ways to one-up one another.

Because of that, we’d like to thank the Rutgers coaching staff for throwing its collective hat into this ring. They recently sent ATH Noah Brown of Sparta, NJ, a picture of a bodybuilder with what appears to be Scarlet Knights defensive coordinator Dave Cohen’s face superimposed onto it. (Nice touch with the Rutgers “R” on the shorts as well.)

Whether or not Brown will follow Rutgers’ pitch of “If you can’t beat me, join me! We want you ... Come to Rutgers!!!” will be decided next February. At the very least, among the 12 schools that have offered him a scholarship, Rutgers’ letter has got to be up there with the most memorable ones he’s received.

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