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Rutgers Football Gets New FB Uniforms


With the vast majority of college football spring games now finished, the sport’s biggest news for the next four months is sadly going to be about new uniform changes.

And Rutgers has kicked things off with a new look it debuted Tuesday to usher in the Kyle Flood era that looks, well, feudal. The old uniforms were pretty boring and outdated. These ones? They look like something you’d see at post apocalyptic Medieval Times.

We give a nod of approval to the uniforms for the sleek new look and cool shoulder design but could do without the medieval font that really stresses the “Knights” theme. The three different helmets are jarring with a shimmery armor background on each and massive stripes down the middle that are straight out of the Middle Ages. We have mixed feelings on these; it definitely catches your eye but is a little absurd.

Of course, Nike knows its audience and former Rutgers players shown the uniforms were drooling over the new look.

Said ex-Rutgers RB and current Baltimore Raven RB Ray Rice: “I’m in awe right now. Let me tell you why I’m in awe. We had to wear the basic stuff so these guys could wear all this nice stuff.”

Added former Scarlet Knight and current Jacksonville Jaguar S Courtney Greene when asked for his thoughts: “I think ‘cold blooded… We’re going to look like the best team in college football’”

Um, that might be overstating it.

The uniforms we really like and the helmet, well, it’s going to take some getting used to. But we give it a thumbs up, too. For video of them, click on the link below.

Overall Grade: A-


New Uniforms:

R Football Nike Uniforms

Old Uniforms:

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