Spinning From The Low Post To The Clubs


Syracuse’s Rony Seikaly was the “Spin Doctor” on the court but he’s also a spin doctor off the court as an avid professional DJ. Seikaly talks about his upcoming album, the rumors about his split from SI model Elsa Benitez and his favorite places to play (run time is 4:59; transcript below the jump).


Lost Lettermen: This is Jim Weber from LostLettermen.com and I’m joined by Syracuse’s Rony Seikaly.

I know you have a CD coming out at the end of July. Could you tell us a little bit about that and is the plan with that, trying to become the next famous DJ with a CD? I know that they’re k9ind of taking over where it’s not so much about artists, it’s about DJs that can put together great songs and put CDs together.

Rony Seikaly: Well the actual CD is going to come out after the summer. What’s coming out at the end of July is my first track release. I signed it with Subliminal. Subliminal is the biggest electronic music label. So that’s my first track will be released in July. And then I have a second one being released in August and every four to five to six weeks I’ll have another track release and then in October, I’m going to have a full CD release party.

LL: And could you tell us the name of the CD is going to be and when the date of the release is?

RS: Well the name of the track that is coming out is called “Come with me” and the release date is July 28th.

LL: I know that there was speculation a couple of years ago that when you parted from your wife you were partying too hard and now people, their reaction to your DJing is, “Oh this kind of confirms that.” How do you respond to people saying those things?

RS: I’ve been doing the same exact thing since I was 14 years old. So nothing has changed for me. Nothing has changed for my family or anybody else. What comes out when you’re in a bitter divorce is a lot of fabrication that is kind of put in by the lawyers to add spice to the story. But, you know, I lived with my wife for eight years and I used to DJ for her and her friends for eight years. I played music for them nonstop. So she knows exactly what my passion and love for the music is. So I don’t drink alcohol and I’ve never been a bad apple. I just love the music and (inaudible).

LL: Now you’ve been to places like Ibiza, Dubai; pretty much the most luxurious places in the world. What’s your favorite city to visit?

RS: Well there’s a favorite city to visit and then there’s a favorite city to party. I mean, as I said earlier, the NBA schedule doesn’t give you the option of going to the glamorous cities. You have L.A. and New York, basically. And then the rest is not really glamorous. And as far as the DJing is concerned, you really hit the glamorous cities worldwide and once in a while you’ll do an offshoot of somewhere that isn’t really glamorous.

It’s tough for me to say but the clubs that I’ve decided to play in are all clubs that I love to play at. I love LIV here in Miami Beach. It’s one of my favorite clubs. I think it’s one of the best clubs in the world aesthetically, sound wise, quality of people. I love a club called Queen (Club) in Paris. It takes you back to the old school of underground clubs. So it’s kind of an institution that’s going on there 20-25 years, that club. I love that club. And then Amnesia, it’s like saying “Let’s play at Madison Square Garden.” You’re talking about the Mecca of all arenas and all clubs.

LL: And I gotta ask you, what is the city or the club with the most beautiful women you’ve ever visited?

RS: Um, wow. That is a tough one. Well, Miami is one of them. Amnesia is the other one. Between New York, Paris and L.A. it’s the third one.

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