UL’s Pitino on Music: ‘Pitbull’s My Favorite’

Louisville coach Rick Pitino prides himself on being on top of every trend in college basketball. So of course he would express his love for a popular rapper in order to broaden his appeal.

At the Cardinals’ basketball tip-off luncheon on Thursday, Pitino said that he listens to Pitbull during his daily commute to work.

“Pitbull’s my favorite,” Pitino told his audience. “He used to be 305, now he’s worldwide.”

While Pitino’s foray into the hip-hop appreciation field is admirable, citing Pitbull’s catchphrase pales in comparison to some of his coaching contemporaries.

South Carolina’s Frank Martin was actually backstage for a Pitbull concert in August. Kentucky’s John Calipari is good friends with Drake and Jay-Z. And Indiana’s Tom Crean was photographed in August with Young Jeezy (along with one of his former players, Dwyane Wade).

In summation, Pitino has to step up his game in this regard.

[Kentucky Sports Radio]

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