UL’s Rick Pitino Calls Gee ‘Pompous Ass’


When Louisville men’s basketball coach Rick Pitino was interviewed on 84 WHAS Louisville by host Terry Meiners on Thursday, he had to have expected a question concerning Ohio State president Gordon Gee’s recently revealed insults of the University of Louisville (along with Catholics, Notre Dame and the SEC). Pitino did not hold anything back in his criticisms of Gee.

“He really doesn’t know how to tell jokes, he really doesn’t know how to get laughter because he has to denigrate others to get laughter,” Pitino said. “It’s a pompous attitude. ... I have a major problem with him, not with Ohio State, and he’s a pompous ass for making those statements.”

When Meiners noted that Gee had apologized, Pitino wasn’t having it.

“He hasn’t called [Louisville school president] Dr. [James] Ramsey, and we don’t accept it until he calls Dr. Ramsey,” Pitino said. “Until he calls us, we don’t accept his apology.”

Well said, coach Pitino.

[The Cardinal Connect]

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