Rhoads Gives Epic Post-Win Speech

Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads didn’t have many opportunities to deliver one of his famously rousing post-victory speeches during this year’s 3-9 campaign. One of those rare opportunities came on Saturday after a season-ending, triple OT win at West Virginia - and Rhoads made it count.

“All the adversity you’ve been through, all the pain that you’ve been through, gets erased,” Rhoads told his troops in the locker room after the victory. “To finish like this, after seven losses in a row, it don’t get any better than that. And it’s no bigger show of character and manhood than what you guys displayed. I said in the meeting a couple of weeks ago I might be prouder of this team for how they fought, how they prepared, how they continued to play than any team in the five years we’ve been here. And it’s the truth.”

If Rhoads hadn’t gone into coaching, he would’ve made one hell of a general.

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