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Randle El Plays in D.C. Flag FB League


Evidently, if enough time passes, even former college and NFL players can struggle in a local flag football league. Case in point: Former Indiana star QB and NFL wideout Antwaan Randle El.

In four games with “The Squad” in the IFFL Reston league in suburban Washington, D.C., Randle El — who retired from pro football in 2010 and now works as a college football analyst for the Big Ten Network — completed 37-of-63 passes (58.7% completion) for six TDs and four INTs while rushing four times for 42 yards. His team went just 1–4 in his five games.

Not that Randle El was there to win games and put up huge stats. According to one of his teammates, Wilson Medina, the ex-Steeler and Redskin couldn’t have been friendlier with both his teammates and opposing players.

“There were a couple times while we were warming up, and players from other teams would come over to get a picture with him,” Medina told DC Sports Bog. “He was more than accommodating to every single one of them. ... His personality makes him very approachable, and even though our record wasn’t as good as we wanted it to be, he made it fun to be out there.”

But Jerry Rice made us think that former NFL players could dominate flag football.

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