Raftery to Bilas: You Ever Been Ridden?


College hoops pundits laud the chemistry that Bill Raftery has had with longtime play-by-play partner Verne Lundquist on CBS, but his work with Jay Bilas on ESPN isn’t to be discounted either.

Case in point: The broadcast of Monday night’s Notre Dame-Pitt game. After Raftery made a comment on “riding the hot player,” he turned the conversation over to Bilas with this gem of a question: “Have you ever been ridden?”

Almost without missing a beat, Bilas replied, “Not as a hot player.”

You can almost hear play-by-play man Sean McDonough simultaneously shaking his head and stifling a chuckle as he says, “Let’s just move quickly ahead to further action due to time constraints.”

[The Big Lead]

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