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QB Jordan Rodgers Rips Vanderbilt Football


QB Jordan Rodgers (younger brother of Packers star Aaron Rodgers) was at Vanderbilt from 2010-2012, when the Commodores went from being an SEC punching bag to a perennial bowl team.

Following his 2013 NFL rookie season, spent with both the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Rodgers recently returned to Nashville with the hopes of working out with current and former Vandy players - only to learn that in order to access some parts of the indoor facilities, he would have to pay for a membership to the Vanderbilt Student Recreation and Wellness Center.

As the following Twitter rant shows, Rodgers was none too pleased about this.

Critics might suggest that Rodgers can surely allocate a portion of his NFL salary for the aforementioned membership fee. Yet we’re not one of those critics. We’re in agreement with Rodgers’ argument.

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