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Penn St. Shirt Compares NCAA to USSR


Count the Penn State Student Bookstore among those who thought the NCAA’s sanctions of the football program were too harsh.

On Wednesday, the student-run Penn State blog Onward State posted a TwitPic of a t-shirt available in the store in which the “C” in “NCAA” is replaced with a sickle like the one on the old Soviet Union flag. Below that is the shirt’s new acronym for those four letters: National Communist Athletic Association.

@OnwardState’s next tweet informed the Twittersphere that “the Student Bookstore is off campus on College Ave and independent of the University” and that it is “different than the Penn State Bookstore.”

So no, Penn State University is not issuing anti-NCAA T-shirts. Still, we’re curious as to what the outcry will be if/when a TV camera pans in on a fan wearing this in the stands during the 2012 season.

[TwitPic: @KevinHornePSU]

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