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QB Blames Sandusky Scandal for Bad Call


Penn State lost to Nebraska on Saturday, 32-23, and Nittany Lions quarterback Matt McGloin thinks the Jerry Sandusky scandal that rocked the campus for the last year is part of the reason why.

Trailing the Cornhuskers 27-23 with just under eight minutes left in the game and inside NU’s 10-yard line, McGloin passed the ball to tight end Matt Lehman, who crossed the goal line before fumbling the ball into the end zone. The officials blew the call, ruling it a fumble and rewarding the Cornhuskers with possession while dooming Penn State’s chances at the upset.

Asked afterward about the botched call, McGloin put it bluntly:

“We’re not going to get that call here,” McGloin said told the Centre Daily. “We’re not going to get the call ever, actually, against any team. It doesn’t matter who the refs are.”

“It’s us against the world and we’re not going to get those calls in these types of games. It looked to me and everyone else like he got across. I guess they saw something else.”

McGloin was clearly implying that the officials have a bias against Penn State because of Jerry Sandusky being convicted for molesting kids and former coaches and administrators covering it up. While we know an “Us Against the World” mentality is very popular in athletics, we think McGloin is just being paranoid in this instance.

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