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Pitino Takes Call for Reporter at Presser


Louisville coach Rick Pitino was in a cheery mood following his team’s 99–47 win over Missouri-Kansas City on Saturday. So much so that not even a local radio host’s phone going off during the postgame press conference could dampen his spirits.

In fact, Pitino turned it into a comedy routine.

Bob Domine, host of an eponymous afternoon sports show on WNDA-AM, was likely using an audio recording app on his smartphone to record Pitino’s presser when the phone received an incoming call. Without missing a beat, Pitino answered the call to the amusement of everyone in the room.

The woman on the other line exchanged pleasantries with Pitino — sounding like she didn’t know it was him — before saying that she was calling for Domine, a longtime media veteran of the Louisville sports scene.

“Some people want to have a drink with you Bob,” Pitino chuckled after giving the phone to Domine.

Domine was probably relieved that Pitino was so good-natured. Nonetheless, chances are excellent he’ll soon invest in an audio recorder separate from his phone.

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