Missouri Kicks Girls Out of FB Practice

Missouri head football coach Gary Pinkel must be taking the Tigers’ move to the SEC very seriously.

So seriously that, apparently, he feels the presence of coeds at his practices to be an unwelcome distraction for his team.

Sports reporter Eric Blumberg of KOMU-TV in Columbia tweeted a photo on Wednesday morning of two women in athletic shorts and sports bras running stairs at Faurot Field. Blumberg says that a Missouri coach asked the two women to “come back later.”

As has been pointed out on Twitter, maybe the coaching staff feared these were SEC spies.

But if Mizzou coaches think that two women running stairs is going to distract the players, what’s the strategy for game days in the SEC? If anything, these two ladies could be good preparation for the most beautiful coeds in the country.

We’re guessing the Mizzou football players are unanimously in agreement with us.


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