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Pink Oregon Football Helmet Goes Viral


How omnipresent is Oregon when it comes to the college football uniform discussion? Even conversation about their fakes can go viral.

On Tuesday night, Twitter user @jsizzlesports sent out the following tweet.

Soon some members of the Twittersphere were actually convinced that the Ducks would be wearing pink helmets this weekend. After all, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month for the NFL, so for Oregon to do something similar - and wear new uniforms in the process - was not out of the realm of possibility.

Except for one small issue: The helmet is actually an eBay posting. It is a brand new, adult-size Riddell helmet in the Concussion Reduction Technology (CRT) design, so it certainly looks like the real thing. If you really love the pink helmet, the current bidding as of 10:30 AM on Wednesday is the low, low price of $280.

But Ducks fans excited for them to break away from green for a week should settle down. And be satisfied with the countless other uniform combinations they could see this weekend.

[@jsizzlesports | eBay]

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