Pic of McGary Atop a Unicycle Goes Viral


Michigan big man Mitch McGary is not only the x-factor in the Wolverines’ push for a national title, he’s also likely the only player in the Final Four who can ride a unicycle.

This is no recently developed talent, either. When McGary was profiled for the Winter 2013 edition of M Magazine, it was accompanied by a picture of him — taken in June 2007, according to the time stamp — atop his unicycle, sporting a bowler hat.

“I have been riding a unicycle for about eight years,” McGary told the magazine.

Among the other interesting facts McGary shared in that profile is that his dream job outside of sports is to be a financial advisor and that his first job was at a fireworks store.

Something tells us that the freshman is going to be a very in-demand interview subject leading up to the Final Four.

[USA Today]


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