UCLA Bruins Coaches Wear ‘War Paint’ - Lost Lettermen


UCLA Bruins Coaches Wear ‘War Paint’


UCLA coach Jim Mora went to an interesting method of instilling intensity in his team for Saturday’s Homecoming Game against Arizona: Having his players and assistant coaches adorn themselves with war paint. (Mora did not join them, however.)

We’re not questioning the strategy, as the Bruins rolled up 611 total yards and held the Wildcats to 257 in a 66–10 romp. We do, however, question the application techniques.

Especially that of special teams coordinator/linebackers coach Jeff Ulbrich. We’re probably not alone in thinking that was dangerously close to full black face.

His colleagues, meanwhile, just looked like they had finished cleaning chimneys. Being in very close proximity to Hollywood, the Bruins shouldn’t have any trouble hiring makeup artists to give them a more presentable appearance in advance of any subsequent games where they implement this “strategy.”


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