Ducks Going Full ‘Stormtrooper’ at USC


Oregon’s seemingly unstoppable offense has transformed it into the Pac-12 equivalent of the Galactic Empire from Star Wars. And the Ducks might look the part when they face the Rebel Alliance, er, USC this Saturday.

Word on the internet is that Oregon will take the field at L.A. Memorial Coliseum wearing a modified version of the Stormtrooper look that they’ve previously sported in road games at Boise State (2009) and USC (2010).

The major change is to the helmets, which falls in line with the liquid metal look that Oregon has been making waves with since last January’s Rose Bowl uniforms that were likened to Darth Vader.

It’s set on an all-white lid that’s almost eerie for its lack of color. This is Oregon we’re talking about, after all. If it ain’t bright and flashy, it ain’t normal.

In addition, Oregon athletics is selling all-white t-shirts with the new helmet on the front and the slogan “Storm LA” on the back. And any doubts that Ducks Nation isn’t embracing its new Empire reputation are silenced with tweets like this.

We just hope this doesn’t end up in a lawsuit with USC alum George Lucas.


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