UM’s Gopher Mascot Dresses Up as Bane

On the field last Saturday, Minnesota fans were treated to three touchdown passes by freshman quarterback Philip Nelson and a 44–28 win over Purdue. Off the field, they were entertained by the multitude of Halloween costumes worn by the school’s Goldy Gopher mascot.

At different junctures during the game, Goldy was dressed as a British Revolutionary War general, a plumber (Gopher Mario?) and a mummy. But the one look that had us doubled over in laughter was Goldy as Bane, the Batman villain from The Dark Knight Rises.

We can’t determine if it’s the beady eyes or the multicolored toy gun he’s holding that we love the most about that look. Whatever it is, we might have to reconsider our list of Top 5 Best College Football Halloween Costumes.


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