Photo: Yahoo! Bracket Entrant Blows Shot at $100,000 - Lost Lettermen

Photo: Yahoo! Bracket Entrant Blows Shot at $100,000


Most March Madness bracket participants who correctly predicted the national title game matchup would be overjoyed. Despite doing so, whoever filled out the ironically-named “Corey’s Champion Bracket” on Yahoo! Sports likely isn’t one of them.

Why? Because even though said bracket correctly predicted a Kentucky-UConn title game, it neglected to pick a national champion. And because “Corey’s Champion Bracket” is currently tied for fourth in the Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge, “Corey” just blew an opportunity to win $100,000 - the prize money for having one of the 20 highest-scoring brackets entered.

Did you ever fail to fill out the back page of an exam in school? That’s probably how Corey feels right now - times 100,000.

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