Photo: Reporter’s Cat Mug Confiscated at Elite Eight


Like most of us, Wall Street Journal sports columnist Jason Gay finds the “NCAA cups only” rule for media members covering tournament games to be pretty amusing. As a result, he decided to “wage a tiny protest” by bringing a cat coffee mug with him onto press row while covering Sunday’s East regional final between UConn and Michigan State at Madison Square Garden.

Gay and his non-NCAA sanctioned drinking vessel went unmolested until there were four minutes remaining in the game. That’s when things got interesting. Gay writes:

“Then I was asked if the Journal intended to cover the Final Four next weekend, and I said that, yes, I believed the Journal intended to cover the Final Four. I still was hanging onto the idea that this whole thing was a joke. Then the cat mug was requested. As in, they wanted the cat mug.”

Which Gay willfully handed over and which he got back after the game was over. To anyone covering the Final Four this weekend, heed his words: “Your mugs have been warned.”

[Wall Street Journal]

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