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Western Michigan Football: Coaches Have Odd-Shaped Business Cards (PHOTO)


If you thought the outside-the-box thinking of business cards for Western Michigan’s football coaching staff began and ended with head coach P.J. Fleck’s row boat card, think again.

We already know about Fleck’s “Row the Boat” mantra, so that explains his card. But what about the other ones above? Yahoo! Sports reached out to WMU to find out:

  • Shark: “The shark symbolizes a nekton mentality (nekton is a group of marine organisms able to swim independently of a current). The shark is never full, always attacking and always hungry.”
  • Steak: “It complements the shark’s hunger theme on the adage that a hungry dog is a dangerous dog.”
  • Corn: “The corn signifies the farmer’s alliance, or the idea that you plant your crops next to crops that are flourishing. So the idea here is to associate yourself with people who are successful.”
  • Shoe: “The shoe is a Prefontaine shoe, for famed distance runner Steve Prefontaine. Fleck wants his players to operate at a fast ‘Prefontaine pace.’ ”
  • Heart: “Those that work hard with heart are the ones who are successful.”

If these doubled as refrigerator magnets (which they already resemble), all the better.

[Dr. Saturday]

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