Photo Vindicates Clemson-NCSU Refs?


Third-ranked Clemson escaped an upset bid from NC State, 26–14, on Thursday night. Many who watched the game were quick to say that a blown call by the referees was what turned the game around for the Tigers.

As it turns out, those referees appeared to be right.

The call in question came in the third quarter, with Clemson leading 13–7. Wolfpack WR Bryan Underwood appeared to have broken loose for an 83-yard touchdown to make it 13–13. However, the referees ruled that he had stepped out of bounds and it was not reviewable because an official below his whistle. The Tigers soon got the ball back on a fumble and scored to make it 20–7 instead.

While many disagreed with the call, the photo below is pretty clear proof — to us, anyway — that it was the right one.


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