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Oregon Fan Has Crazy Neon Green Beard


Oregon’s uniforms aren’t the only aspect of the football program more crazy and colorful than the rest of college football. Its fans follow suit.

During the fourth quarter of the third-ranked Ducks’ 43–21 road win over Arizona State on Thursday night, the ESPN cameras panned to an Oregon supporter with a beard that needs to be seen to be believed. It’s dyed a dark neon green, with the exception of the goatee part. That is colored in with the same hue you would find on a highlighter.

Throw in a green-and-yellow, tie-dyed shirt and green-and-yellow beads around the neck and you have an Oregon fan as Jim Henson would have envisioned him. Not to be outdone is his female companion, sporting a long-flowing neon green wig and cat ears.

Halloween has come early to Ducks Nation.


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