NCSU’s Glennon Dresses as Tom O’Brien

When you’re a two-year starting quarterback at a BCS conference school as well as a highly thought of pro prospect, you’re empowered with a boldness that others might not possess. A boldness that, say, allows you to dress up as your head coach for Halloween.

NC State’s Mike Glennon and his costume got the details of his coach, Tom O’Brien, down pat. And it probably wasn’t that hard to get all the necessaries together.

There’s the black NC State-issued long-sleeve shirt, tan khakis, NC State baseball cap, a headset and a pair of sunglasses. Add on a steely, straight-ahead glare and you have an O’Brien doppelganger.

While Glennon has needed time to mature on the field, his costume habits off the field have always been first rate. That was evidenced by his Napoleon Dynamite costume from his freshman year.


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