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LSU Fan’s Lamborghini Gets Tiger Stripes


xnThe sports car analogy to a fast football player is a common one. So it makes sense that a well-off LSU fan would want to salute the Bayou Bengals when it comes to his ride.

On Thursday night, LSU’s official Facebook page posted a picture of a yellow Lamborghini getting a paint job consisting of purple tiger stripes. The automobile easily cost this LSU fan at least $200,000.

Whether you like it or not, if you’re a college football fan, you’re most likely talking about it. The photo has over 15,000 likes as of 1:40 PM ET on Friday, and has accumulated over 2,100 comments on Reddit’s “WTF?!” page it in the 24 hours since being posted.

The Reddit post came courtesy of the Lafayette, LA, body shop employee applying the paint job to the car. He titled his post “So, today at work I’m ruining a perfectly good Lamborghini.” Diehard Tigers fans would beg to differ.

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