Tide’s Williams Has ‘YOLO’ Face Tattoo

Alabama defensive lineman Jesse Williams is intent on living every day to the fullest. So much so that he decided to tattoo a reminder to himself on his face.

The senior defensive tackle from Australia is not shy of ink, and the runaway choice for his craziest tattoo is the one of “YOLO” – an acronym for “You Only Live Once” — abutting his left ear.

Where to begin on what’s wrong with this tattoo choice? For starters, “YOLO” could quite possibly be the most annoying acronym ever. There’s a reason that Urban Dictionary defines it as “the dumba**’s excuse for something stupid they did.”

And then there’s the placement of it, smack on his face. There’s no way to cover that up if he ever wants to. Didn’t Williams learn anything from Gucci Mane’s widely mocked ice cream tattoo?

[Black Sports Online]

Photo: Bleacher Report

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