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Ducks’ ‘Liquid Metal’ Lid Selling for $1.2K


Not all of us can be LeBron James and get comp’d for the latest in Oregon football fashion. But now, the general population can open their wallets and buy a piece of Ducks football.

Hydro Graphics Inc., the Oregon-based design company that has made its mark on the college football landscape with its helmet designs for the Ducks, Maryland, Texas A&M and TCU, is now selling Oregon’s yellow, “liquid lightning” helmet on its website.

All it’ll cost the consumer is $1,199. And each helmet is made to order.

It’s a rather genius move on HGI’s part, as these helmets are going on sale right on time for the holiday shopping season. We can already imagine a litany of significant others and/or parents shaking their heads when their loved ones tell them that they want this for Christmas.

[Hydro Graphics Inc.]

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