UF Strength Coach Shoved UGA Safety?

Any college football pundit curious as to why Florida and Georgia combined for a hefty 24 penalties last Saturday need only look at the pregame fireworks between the two teams - which, as it turns out, apparently involved a Gators coach.

While Florida and Georgia players were jawing before kickoff, Gators strength coach Jeff Dillman allegedly intervened and ended up shoving Bulldogs strong safety Corey Moore. The incident happened so quickly that no flags were assessed to either team and it didn’t become a story until after the game.

“I watched the TV copy of the game and they showed a little bit of that,” Georgia coach Mark Richt told the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Chip Towers. “You could tell there was some chirping and all that, but I don’t think anybody got physical or anything like that.”

Nonetheless, a coach being the least bit physical with an opposing player is a big no-no, as Woody Hayes’ firing from Ohio State in 1978 after he punched an opposing player demonstrated. Expect the SEC to review this and punish Dillman in the not-too-distant future.

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