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Huggins Big 12 Media Day Pic Goes Viral


No sport lends itself more to well-dressed coaches than basketball. Particularly college basketball, where the likes of Rick Pitino have made headlines for the four-figure (if not more) prices they pay for their suits.

On the other side of the coin, you have the likes of West Virginia’s Bob Huggins.

Last Wednesday was Big 12 Media, for which Huggins’ nine counterparts in the conference wore suits. Huggy Bear (third from left in picture at bottom), on the other hand, opted for a simple pair of slacks and a black West Virginia windbreaker worn over a collared shirt. The picture below has since gone viral on Reddit.

It closely resembles the very casual attire that Huggins has worn during games going back to his time at Cincinnati, so it’s not as if we haven’t seen him appear this way before. But to see him in such sharp contrast to his fashion conscious peers is hilarious.

We also wonder whether there’s a memorandum in Morgantown that forces all its coaches to wear boring black windbreakers. We’re looking at you, Dana Holgorsen.


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