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N’western DL’s Lightsaber Pic Goes Viral


Northwestern football player Bo Cisek is listed as a defensive lineman but most often sees the field as a punt protector. Nonetheless, he’s been honored by Pat Fitzgerald with the No. 1 jersey, signifying “attitude and work ethic” according to the coach.

It’s not just the snug-fitting No. 1 jersey that fans now recognize Cisek for. It’s also a lightsaber.

Following last Saturday’s home win against Iowa, Cisek grabbed the Star Wars-inspired toy from the student director of the Wildcats’ band and used it to lead his teammates in singing “Go U Northwestern.”

“As a Star Wars fan, I think that was pretty cool,” Fitzgerald said.

The photo has made Cisek very popular in Evanston, where the more bookish members of the Northwestern student body surely shared his sentiment.

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Photo Credit: Mike DiNovo/US Presswire

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