Photo: ‘Bama Library to Visitors: Don’t Yell ‘Roll - Lost Lettermen

Photo: ‘Bama Library to Visitors: Don’t Yell ‘Roll Tide’


[Update: This is apparently part of an art project and was not posted by the library. The fact there’s an art project on campus involving this sign might be even stranger…]

Student fans at Alabama are a passionate bunch, as we well know by now. Cries of “Roll Tide!” can be heard all across the Tuscaloosa campus - even in places where it’s not appreciated.

For all the efforts that the Gorgas Library went to in order to ensure a quiet work environment, it likely just opened a Pandora’s Box.

At Alabama, if there’s a battle between productive study time and 24/7/365 Crimson Tide fandom, which do you think is going to win?

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