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Photo: 117 Fans Attend Georgia Tech Spring Game


Bobby Dodd Stadium was virtually empty for Georgia Tech’s spring game on Friday. Almost literally; the reported attendance for the game was a paltry 117 fans.

Which Redditor and Yellow Jackets fan “escot” attributed to a combination of six factors:

  1. “Steeplechase [a local horse race] was the next day.”
  2. “It’s a Friday night. There’s, uh, better things to do.”
  3. “It’s Georgia Tech’s football team.”
  4. “For a school that is 30 minutes away from most Atlanta suburbs going home after Thursday and Friday is extremely common. Especially with how large the instate population is at Tech.”
  5. “It’s Easter weekend to add on extra incentive to number 4.”
  6. “It was 40 degrees and pouring all day. Weather was worse than the UNC game this year, and with that in recent memory, I could not get some of my friends to go to the game with me.”

Perhaps Tech should count itself lucky that 117 fans even bothered showing up.


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