Petition to Reinstate UGA OL Goes Viral


At long last, a college sports-related petition that actually makes a lot of sense.

Since his early enrollment in January 2010, Georgia offensive lineman Kolton Houston has been prohibited by the NCAA from playing in a game due to a banned substance being entrapped in his body — the result of a doctor incorrectly administering a drug meant to help Houston recover from shoulder surgery while he was in high school.

Houston’s story was recently documented on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” and portrays the NCAA as being heavy-handed in their ruling. It drove California resident Jeremy Barton to start a Change.org petition calling for Houston’s reinstatement — a petition which, as of 1:20 PM ET on Monday, already has 4,187 signatures. (It needs 5,000 to be submitted.)

“The case of Kolton Houston demonstrates this rigid approach towards governing (not fostering) our student athletes,” Barton writes. “The NCAA should review its approach towards the enforcement of their rulebook, and reinstate Houston for the upcoming season. The kid has gone above and beyond the necessary to prove, statistically, that he is not using banned substances.”

If you haven’t already lent your signature to this petition, we highly recommend you do so.

[Change.org | ThePostGame]

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