Pelini Rips Nebraska as ‘Mentally Weak’


Following Nebraska’s fifth offseason practice on Saturday, Bo Pelini was already in midseason form in expressing his displeasure with the Cornhuskers.

“What I watched was a mentally weak football team,” Pelini told reporters. “A bad football team. Especially on the defensive side of the football. Call it what it is. We got a long, long, long, long way to go.”

In defense of Pelini, we would enter spring practice in a bad mood too if our defense finished last season ranked 58th in points allowed (27.57 PPG).

“You could have put a grade-school offense out there against our defense and they would have done well. It’s mental weakness. It’s guys giving in when they’re tired. It starts with coaching. The coaching’s not near where it needs to be and the execution’s nowhere near where it needs to be. That pretty much sums it all up.”

So much for expecting a kinder, gentler Pelini in light of the “Harlem Shake” video that Nebraska filmed during its first day of spring practice.


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