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Pee Wee Jadeveon Clowney Goes Viral


Remember the “White Reggie Bush”? Now it’s time to meet the “Pee Wee Jadeveon Clowney.”

In a clip that has gone viral and currently has over 65,000 views on YouTube, a Pee Wee defensive player absolutely levels a running back during practice in a hit reminiscent of Clowney’s legendary pummeling of Michigan running back Vincent Smith in the Outback Bowl.

There’s so much to love about this clip between the awesome hit, the coach falling down in amazement and the defender getting back up to tackle the running back again. The only thing missing is the running back’s helmet flying off. As someone on YouTube pointed out, with all the focus on football safety, those coaches probably shouldn’t have players running into each other from such a far distance.

That being said, we wouldn’t be surprised if Steve Spurrier offers this kid a scholarship on the spot.

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