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OU’s Jones Runs Ugly 40 at NFL Combine


During his record-setting Oklahoma career, Landry Jones was never confused for a dual-threat QB. He is and always will be a pocket passer, through and through.

Nonetheless, his 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine on Sunday raised a lot of eyebrows. And not in a good way.

Jones clocked in at a glacially slow 5.11 seconds - the worst among all quarterbacks. It wasn’t just the time that was ugly. The best descriptor we can think of to describe his running form is “man trying to traverse hot coals.”

Want a sobering basis of comparison for Jones’ time? In his recent efforts to stage an NFL comeback, former LSU QB JaMarcus Russell reportedly ran a 5.2 40-yard dash. And he weighs over 300 pounds.

If you watch the full video, it appears as if someone coached him to start high stepping after 20 yards to shave time off his 40. If that’s the case, that was some really bad advice.


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