OSU-Marquette, UF-G’town Cancelled


The sentiment and uniforms behind the aircraft carrier games involving Ohio State vs. Marquette and Florida vs. Georgetown to honor our U.S. troops was excellent. The planning? Not so much.

Ohio State and Marquette were supposed to play on the USS Yorktown on Friday night in Charleston, SC, in the Charleston Harbor but there was one thing the organizers didn’t anticipate: A huge drop in temperature right before tip-off at 7:00 PM that would cause massive amounts of condensation on the basketball court.

That’s exactly what happened on Friday night, as all hands were literally on deck wiping up the floor with towels, including players from both teams and Marquette head coach Buzz Williams (below). The teams initially tried to play but were slipping around so much that the court looked like an ice rink (see video below) and there were concerns from both coaches about players getting injured.

After trying to mop up the floor for approximately 30 minutes, both teams were sent to their locker rooms for 20 minutes to see if the condensation would dry up. That didn’t happen and the game was officially cancelled about an hour after it was supposed to tip-off. As a way to make it up to fans, teams had players stay on the floor to sign autographs.

They likely won’t make the game up at all this season.

Later in the night, the Florida-Georgetown game aboard the USS Bataan in Jacksonville, FL, was cancelled at halftime for condensation on the court as well. The Gators were leading at the time, 27-23, but the name will not count or be made up.

This will go up there with Illinois and Northwestern having to use only one end zone at Wrigley Field during their 2010 football game among the biggest blunders in sports event planning.

Georgetown head coach John Thompson III, left, speaks to the fans as Florida head coach Billy Donovan, right, watches while they announce the cancellation of the Navy-Marine Corps Classic NCAA college basketball game due to heavy condensation on the court aboard the USS Bataan at the Mayport Naval Station, Friday, Nov. 9, 2012, in Jacksonville, Fla. Photo: John Raoux / AP

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