OSU Getting Combat Unis for ‘The Game’?


[Editor’s Note: We have been notified these are fakes. Breath easy, OSU fans.]

Ohio State has made it a tradition to wear Nike Pro Combat uniforms for its annual rivalry game with Michigan, previously sporting new threads vs. The School Up North in 2009, 2010. And this year, Nike has apparently really outdone itself with the Buckeyes’ new look.

Check out the pictures below, courtesy of fourth-year journalism student Jordan Baker, of what appears to be the uniforms and helmet that the Buckeyes will wear on Nov. 24 that, needless to say, are unlike anything Buckeye fans have ever seen before.

The uniforms are actually really cool, with a very old-school look about them. The helmet, on the other hand, is an abomination. The iconic Buckeye helmet that is among the best in college football has been altered with two giant black wedges on the front while  the rest is chrome with a pattern found on old Oregon football uniforms that have the lids looking like dirty trash cans.

For the sake of Ohio State fans, we can only hope these Pro Combat helmets are cruel prank by Michigan fans. Otherwise, Woody Hayes will soon be turning over in his grave. Grade: D

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