OSU Fans Name Baby ‘Scarlet Gray’


The way that Justin and Kim King of Sandusky, OH, tell it, they fell into a pro-Ohio State name for their 3-month-old daughter, Scarlet Gray King, by accident (scarlet and gray are the Buckeyes’ school colors).

“We were talking about names to begin with, and we just happened to come up with Scarlet,” Justin told the Sandusky Register. “I’ve been a fan since I was real young. I probably haven’t missed a game since I was in high school, and we always watch them.”

The Kings settled on the name for other reasons, too. Their oldest daughter, Violet, is also named after a color. And had Scarlet been born a boy, her middle name would’ve been Ray - just as it is for Justin, his father and grandfather. Adding the “G” in front of “Ray” kept the middle name tradition in tact.

How awkward would it be if Scarlet Gray ended up going to school at Michigan?

[Sandusky Register]

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