Oregon TE Has Very Long Middle Name


Oregon QB Marcus Mariota’s first completion in the Ducks’ 63–14 win over Tennessee Tech on Saturday was to tight end Koa Ka’ai, a fellow Hawaiian and redshirt freshman.

It’s a name that rolls of the tongue much easier than Ka’ai’s given name: Lake Keawekoaikamakaokalani Ka’ai. To save our readers time in counting, that’s a 22-letter tongue twister Ka’ai has for a middle name.

It’s an appropriately big name for a big player. Ka’ai stands at 6’ 4” and 251 pounds, and as a redshirt freshman he might not be done growing.

If he ever chooses to go by his full name, Oregon should start designing jerseys that have electronic scrolling displays of its players’ nameplates.

[The Oregonian]

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