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Oregon St. to Unveil New Beavers Logo?


Well, this is hideous.

NFL.com art director Mike Brisk shared via Instagram a potential new Nike-designed Oregon State Beavers logo that was found on a t-shirt.

News of a potential Oregon State re-branding surfaced in September 2012 and if this is the result, it’s past time to get Don Draper on the job.

Oregon State has been represented by beavers in varying emotional states, including the current “beaver-in-distress” and the original “smiling beaver,” both of which is a vast improvement over this shark-fin beaver.

Perhaps this is a cruel joke on behalf of Nike, which was founded by Phil Knight - an alum and super booster of Oregon State’s arch-rival, the Oregon Ducks. Granted, a random t-shirt isn’t exactly solid evidence of a new logo. But it’s enough to cause concern among Beaver fans.

Because if this is real, expect a massive push in Corvallis to switch from Nike to Adidas.


Current Logo


New Logo?

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