Beavers’ Robinson Photobombs Obama - Lost Lettermen

Beavers’ Robinson Photobombs Obama


We’d like to thank Oregon State men’s basketball coach Craig Robinson for unintentionally (we think) providing a moment of comedy during the otherwise serious inauguration ceremony for his brother-in-law, Barack Obama, on Monday.

As the CNN cameras panned in on the president, they caught a glimpse of Robinson — rocking an orange-and-black striped scarf in honor of Oregon State (recruiting never stops) — staring back in the most bemused way possible.

He may not have even been directing his gaze at the camera. Nonetheless, it is a most excellent photobombing. If only Robinson’s and Oregon State’s season matched his photobombing skills. At 0–5 in conference play (10–8 overall), the Beavers are currently last in the Pac-12 standings.


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